Visiting Doubling Point Light

Regrettably, as of Sept. 9, 2023, public access to the Doubling Point Lighthouse property is forbidden until the planning and work to rebuild the entire lighthouse walkway is completed.
Once this extensive project is achieved, public access to the lighthouse will resume.

Visitors are welcome to view the lighthouse. Entry inside the lighthouse tower is open to visitors only during during the annual American Lighthouse Foundation and Coast Guard-sponsored Maine Open Lighthouse Day in September.

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    ­Visit daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Between 5 p.m. to 9 a.m., all parking spaces, and the property surrounding the privately-owned dwelling, are closed to the public. See “Special Requests” for more information.

Important to know:

    Passenger vehicles only. RVs, and towed campers are prohibited due to the narrow, one-lane, gravel access road. NOTE: No adequate turn-around space exists on Doubling Point Road!

    Please obey the posted speed limit of 15 mph along the access road.

    Passenger vehicle parking is limited. Please be considerate to others.

    Once parked, please follow the designated foot path to the Lighthouse Tower Walkway. Proper footwear recommended.

    Dogs must be on a leash. Please bring your own poop bag and carry out waste.

    * Winter Visit Warning : During the winter months road conditions are hazardous. Only 4 - wheel, or all- wheel drive vehicles are permitted from mid-November through mid-April.

To assure ongoing public access privileges, and for your own safety, obey all restrictive signs associated with your visit to Doubling Point Light. Pass at your own risk! Please attend to children at all times!

This site is NOT Handicapped Accessible. No smoking please. There are no public restrooms or trash cans on the FDPL property, or in the immediate vicinity.

    Doubling Point​ Light, and the Doubling Point Range Lights, can be viewed from the water on board the following scenic boat tours along the Kennebec River:

Maine Maritime Museum
River Run Tours
Cap’n Fish's Whale Watch and Scenic Nature Cruises


    Coordinates 43 52 57 N – 69 48 25W
    Doubling Point Lighthouse 140 Doubling Point Road, Arrowsic, Maine 04530.

    Traveling from the southwest , pass through Bath on Route 1. Take the first right to Route 127 immediately after the Route 1 bridge that crosses over the Kennebec River. At the stop sign, turn left onto route 127 toward Arrowsic and Georgetown. Continue on Route 127 approximately one mile. Turn right onto “Whitmore’s Landing Road – To Doubling Point Rd.” In approx. ½ mile, turn left at the multiple mailbox stand onto Doubling Point Road. At a safe speed, no more than 15 mph, follow Doubling Point Road to the end. See designated parking area.

    If coming from the northeast on Route 1, after the Cumberland Farms gas station in Woolwich, take the slight right turn onto Route 127 south toward Arrowsic and Georgetown. Continue on Route 127 approximately one mile. Turn right onto “Whitmore’s Landing Road – To Doubling Point Rd.” In approx. ½ mile, turn left at the multiple mailbox stand onto Doubling Point Road. At a safe speed, no more than 15 mph, follow Doubling Point Road to the end. See designated parking area.

    What to expect:

    Although lacking in size when compared to open-ocean lighthouse towers, this unique, beautiful, idyllic river lighthouse will not disappoint. Visitors will slowly drive the hills and turns along the narrow, gravel access road to discover a small, wonderfully preserved, historic lighthouse tower situated at the end of a majestic, 130-foot catwalk. Upon arrival, you will be astonished to see the radiant, masterfully constructed lighthouse tower and connected walkway strikingly juxtapose with the natural beauty of the mighty, deep-blue waters of the Kennebec River, peaceful golden marsh grass, and the tall, green pine trees. The Friends of Doubling Point Light welcome you to enjoy the spectacular views at this serene location during your visit to the lighthouse tower.

    Doubling Point is a wooden, octangular lighthouse tower finished with white cedar shingles. The tower sits on a recently restored granite foundation. A black iron walkway surrounds the light tower at the lantern chamber level. The original 5 th Order Fresnel Lens from Doubling Point Light is on display at the Maine Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine. The current optic is an ULB-44 LED.

    You will walk from the designated parking area directly to the walkway entrance. The very well-maintained— and treasured— original lighthouse keeper’s quarters can be seen and appreciated from a distance to respect the privacy of the occupants in the dwelling. To your right as you approach the light tower on the walkway, you can see the Route 1 bridge over the Kennebec River. Bath, Maine, (Bath is also known as the “City of Ships”), Bath Iron Works, and the Maine Maritime Museum are also visible on a clear day. Opposite the lighthouse tower is the mouth of Winnegance Creek and Fiddler Reach. (* link to MMM)

    As you enjoy the walkway around the base of the lighthouse tower, take time to observe the always changing, impressive currents of the Kennebec River generated by the ebb and flow of the tides, combined with the strong force of the freshwater rivers flowing toward the open ocean from Merrymeeting Bay north of Bath, Maine. By chance, you may also see eagles above, and seals in the river.

    Special Use Requests:

    The Friends of Doubling Point Light will consider granting short-term use of the property for a special event that falls outside of the Non-profit Foundation’s primary mission of preservation, property protection, and maintenance. FDPL organization’s mission also includes preserving access to the Lighthouse property for citizens, historical study, education, and interested groups. In addition, regulating the property to protect neighborhood interest is a top priority for the Friends organization.

    To assure availability for daily visitors, to protect the interest of our local neighbors, and because of very limited parking, all special event requests, group visit requests, and requests for use of the private property outside of established visiting hours between 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. require advance permission from the Friends of the Doubling Point Light.

    Generally, a donation to The Friends of the Doubling Point Light Non-profit will be requested from all special-event parties, and non-mission individual use requests.

    Note: During daily “visiting hours” between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. – privacy cannot be guaranteed because visitors may arrive to walk out to the lighthouse during your special event.

    To submit requests for special events, after-hours use, or for more information email the FDPL secretary/treasurer, Karen McLean at , or call 207-322-9097.